Historical heritage


The history of the Domaine de la Madeleine is linked to the history of Ruscino.
Situated near the old Roman road, the Via Domitia, it was part of the food crops of the ancient town which, in the 10th Century, became the capital of the first Counts of Roussillon.
From Roman times down until our day, men left their mark on the land as they passed and also in many documents which we have consulted in order to write the history of the estate.
A long time before the construction of the estate in its present location, the surrounding area was already inhabited.
Since the Roman conquest, numerous small farms appeared around Ruscino where not only vineyards and olive trees but also cereals were cultivated.
In the Carolingian period, the lands became slowly but surely the property of nobility and of religious communities.
In the 10th Century, the Chateau Roussillon and its lands belonged to the Counts of Fenouillet.
The decline of the town continued when the Counts of Roussillon settled in Perpignan.
Some farms disappeared; others were built on new cleared lands in order to supply the town with cereals, wine and olive oil. Breeding also played an important part.
These farms belonged mostly to the rich middle-class families who paid the tithe to the lords or to the religious communities.

It is the Bruguera family, one member of which had been ennobled by Philippe IV, King of Spain in 1636, who founded the estate in its current location. It was the "Mas d'en Bruguera" which appeared on the map of Cassini in 1777.

After the French Revolution, the middle-class society bought the land from the ruined or exiled nobles.
The estate was sold to the woman who would give it the name it still has today: Magdelaine Bertrand.
Atypical character of the society of Perpignan during the turmoil of the French Revolution, she was in contact with the high society and ran her fortune on her own.
When she died on the 15th of June 1813, Jean Baptiste inherited her belongings.
He was the eldest son of Joseph Codine, with whom Magdelaine Bertrand was closely linked.
At the turn of the 20th Century, the estate belonged to an industrial man from Sigean, Alexis Fabre as it became a solely wine-producing estate with new buildings and an underground wine-making cellar.
It was the Delran family who from 1935 undertook the development of "La Madeleine" vineyard. The buildings in their entirety have evolved harmoniously into a natural and protected environment.
In 1996 Georges and Evelyne Assens were seduced by this estate and its exceptional soil. Farmers for four generations, they vowed to follow the endeavour of their predecessors in a process of quality and authenticity.